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L2kontemporary’s  10th anniversary show

curated by Edward  Lightner




November 16 –  December 21, 2013

                                                              Artist’s reception:  Saturday, November 16, 6 – 9 pm



L2kontemporary stages its 10 year  anniversary with a big thank you to all those who have supported the gallery  over the last ten years with a celebratory exhibition titled Ten  Years Drawn, curated by artist Edward Lightner.


The underlying principle and concept  of this exhibition is to ask a very simple, yet aesthetically basic  question:  what constitutes a  drawing?  The gallery asked this  question of a number of artists with whom we have worked with over the last ten  years, as well as some who we will be collaborating with in the near future, and  also to some who we just really admire.   We asked for a response from each as to their definition of a  drawing.


Invited artists include:  Tetsuji Aono, Jack Balas, Gary Brewer,  Claudia Bucher, Dennis O. Callwood, Karen Chu, Davis & Davis, Alfredo de  Batuc, George Dinhaupt, Bogdan Dumitrica, David Early, Roni Feldman, Keiko  Fukazawa, Simone Gad, GRONK, Shawn Huckins, Keiko Inoh, Ted Kerzie, George  Ketterl, Jim Keville, David Michael Lee, John Lorinser, Nguyen Ly, Michael Maas,  Barry Markowitz, Jim Morphesis, Lawrence Mota, Elaine Parks, Tuan Phan, Billy  Reynolds, Stephen Rivers, Margi Scharff, Steven Simon, Francesco X. Siqueiros,  Felís Stella, Dragana B. Stevanovic, Thomas Trivitt, Kim Tucker and Matt  Wardell.



L2kontemporary, 990 N.  Hill Street #205 (upstairs, entrance on Bernard St.), Los Angeles Chinatown

CA  90012  323-225-1282

 November 16 thru December 21,  2013

 Reception: Saturday, November  16, 6 – 9 pm