Monthly Archives: January 2013

Thank you to everyone who made it to the Art & Gin on Sunday. It was one of those signal failure days on the London tube, so the effort of those that came and had some cocktails and profiteroles is really appreciated. The three adjacent spaces housed people, children, cats, and works by Serbian artists Aleksandar Dimitrijević, Dragana B Stevanović and Žolt Kovač.

walls panorama1

Aleksandar’s works from the series Reconstruction of game and Kindergarden sprawled across the long corridor, creating a colourful grid. His compositions use various games as a starting point to examine free time, competitiveness and danger zones of everyday life.

AD 1+ 2

Aleksandar Dimitrijević, Kindergarden (2011) and Neon Game (2010)

The works inevitably provoked conversations about social media, war and gaming, Cy Twombly, school blackboards and urban playing fields.


Dragana B Stevanović, Crying (2008)

Dragana’s works on paper from the series Different Natures and Absence show deceptively sparse, vulnerable figures that identify fears and differences.


Dragana B Stevanović, Balloon Hat (2011)


Žolt Kovač, Backgammon (2011)

Žolt’s pared down prints observe conceptual ennui of the art world. Borrowing from the visual registers of design, illustration and photography, the artist dryly talks about the art world, creating works that question our attitude to looking, interpreting and attributing value.

Play and playfulness seemed to be the overarching theme of the evening. It was a lovely, friendly night starting conversations that will hopefully continue when we meet again.